Announcment: New Launchpad Team – Ubuntu Cyclists

In response to my previous blog post about cycling a commenter made the suggestion to somehow gather all of us cyclists in the Ubuntu Community and form a bond or relationship. I’m not sure what form this group will take or what resources it will want.

To make it slightly easier to do this I have taken a page out of the Ubuntu Smokers group and created a Launchpad team.

Say hello to Ubuntu Cyclists! All those who love biking in whatever form are welcome to join!

EDIT: We need a cool Logo and Badge! Anyone who has talent want to make one? That’d be great! Email me, greg@ the domain of this blog.

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  1. Check out this one,

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  3. Well done, Jad! See my comment on your blog.

  4. I’m in

  5. Enable the mailing list please ? :)

  6. @Fabian: “Mailing list requested and queued for approval.” Who do you know that could approve that quickly? ;)

    UPDATE: and now, thanks to Jorge, the mailing list is approved!

  7. Can’t believe somebody actually put this together. How about a campaign to bring a bike to the next UDS?

  8. I’m in too

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