Weekend Recap and Music Review

One of the coolest parts of being involved with the Ubuntu community is knowing some really cool people and getting to met up with them.

I went down to Ohio Linux Fest and had a ball! Those people really know how to throw an event: good speakers and a great pre- and post-party. The Ubuntu community came out in force also. There were at least 10 people from the Michigan LoCo and even a few from Chicago (be careful with them). A big thanks goes out to everyone at OLF; I am definitely going back again next year.

Oh, and yes, we all did have a great [1] time [2] at the Dance Off which was so thoughtfully initiated by Jono. I would like personally apologize to everyone who witnessed that event.

And speaking of Jono, I just had the distinct pleasure of listening to the new Severed Fifth album, Denied by Reign. I’ll be completely honest with everyone: I’m not the biggest death metal fan. I even talked about this before briefly on my blog. But, even though I don’t listen to it I can still appreciate it when someone really does put a lot of themselves into their music and make it special. Jono has done that with Denied by Reign. No in-depth musical review from me but I will tell you that my favorite track so far is “Edge of Design.”

When this album comes out, you owe it to yourself to at least download it to show your support of what Jono is trying to do. If you didn’t know he is going to be licensing the album under a Creative Commons license. That isn’t the most radical thing as other bands have done similarly, but he is choosing a more open license than most and there aren’t many others in the Death Metal genre doing anything like this (prove me wrong if you can, please!).

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