First Bug Jam reward of the day

So I just showed up to the Michigan LoCo Global Bug Jam event after making the hour drive through blizzard conditions to get here.

But after figuring out the networking situation (thanks Clinton-Macomb Public Library for the ethernet cable!) we had the first big reward of the day.

A guy walked by our conference room and popped his head in, “Hey, is this a Linux User’s Group?”
Me, “Yeah, pretty much.”
Guy notices I am running Ubuntu, “Is this specific to Ubuntu?”
“Yep, we’re the Michigan Local Community Team for Ubuntu.”
“Oh, cool!”
“Yeah, we doing a Bug Jam right now.”
“Good deal”
Guy walks away to go be with his kids.
A little later he walks back by the conference room with his wife and kids and says “Hey kids, those people in there are who make Ubuntu better. They’re working on the new release, 9.04.”

Wow! That is a reward in and of itself.

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