My Ubuntu Cycling Sunday Ride

I am a proud member of the Ubuntu Cyclist group, just like Rich. So, today I decided to make the best of the beautiful weather and go for a ride on my Miyata 310.

Here is the route I took:

View Bike/Walk Route June 28, 2009 in a larger map

Those blue markers all correspond to places I stopped to take pictures.

This ride would have been a great time, but with 3.4 miles to get home my front tire tube popped. Note to other riders: when going down a hill on a dirt road and at the bottom is where the pavement begins, be sure to take that pretty easy or you are bound to pop your front tire.

Why did I title this post “My Ubuntu Cycling Sunday Ride?” What makes it Ubuntu? Well I had my with me the whole time which means I had 8 Jaunty CDs and a couple sheets of Ubuntu stickers, just in case!

Anyways, here are some photos, full set here:

Bike + Diesel Tank

Blah Blah

Crane Treads

Swamps of Washtenaw County

Swamps of Washtenaw County

Oliver the Tractor

Oliver the Tractor

Foraged Mullberries from a foreclosed home

Foraged Mullberries from a foreclosed home

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  2. oliver the tractor! pleasure to make your acquaintance!

  3. sweet dude, I am really digging your pictures. What type of setup do you have cam wise and what were the tricks for the groovyness in this pics? I suck at taking pictures. I am digging the bike you hipster!

  4. Awesome!

    Greg, Alex Launi said you could help me pick out a bike on Minneapolis craigslist. Can you help me find a nice used road bike? I’m 6’2″. I am not sure what’s good, so if you can point me in the right direction I’d be really grateful because I need a bike!

  5. Nixternal: I’m using a Canon SD770 IS. I was using the Manual mode most of the day, so I could explicitly set it to “Daylight” and lower the exposure on a few photos. Other than that, I used the Autocolor option in F-Spot on a few photos (it doesn’t help all, but some).

    David: Rock on! You probably want a frame size around 60cm. What I am going to do before I make my next purchase is go to a couple bike shops and get fitted, then use that knowledge to buy a frame online and build it up. Basic tips for craigslist bike shopping: no huffy/schwin/walmart bikes, no matter what. Really important is to check the frame for rust (especially in MPLS). Stop on by #ubuntu-cyclist and we can talk more.

  6. If you’re gonna ride the dirt roads of Washtenaw Co., you should get a mountain bike. Not an extreme one. With 24 speeds, mine is almost as fast as a road bike on pavement. And it goes where no road bike will ever go. This opens up so many off-pavement possibilities. With the tax/economy situation, I bet pavement in your area is getting worse. You won’t regret the switch.

  7. Roland: yeah, I do want to get either a nice hardtail or a cyclecross bike soon. Something that can take a bit more of a beating and handle wider tires. They would have been nice on N. Maple when the flat happened :)

  8. If you get a MTB, get a Marin 29er single speed, totally f’n rocks!

    @David – if you are serious about getting a road bike and not a fixie type bike like those silly hipsters ride, then Craigslist might not be a great idea. Honestly if you are looking to put in a lot of miles I would recommend getting fitted for a road bike at your LBS.

  9. Really great pictures, Greg. You have a great eye! Especially love the crane and tractor pics. :)

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