Michigan LoCo Jam – Another Success!

Another Ubuntu Global Jam means another Michigan LoCo success.

Michigan LoCo Global Jam
From left to right is: Gib, Craig, Bob, myself, Rick, and Jim.

I think we hit every single proposed topic during the Jam. We talked about how to use the Ubuntu area of StackExchange and even had a few members post answers and gain some reputation points. We did some ISO testing (and ran up against bug 608382). We reported some bugs (bug 625989 and bug 626003). And we even played with some new toys (Gib’s 16 megapixel(?!) $10(?!) digital video camera).

And of course, since the two awesome co-hosts of Lococast (Rick and Craig) were in attendance, we chatted a bit about the future of their podcast including ideas for interviewee guests. If you have any ideas/suggestions for interview subject for Lococast, send them along to Rick and Craig at feedback@lococast.net. But I would highly recommend you to check out Lococast right now because they already have some great features like the Lococast Screencasts with 2 on VIM already and the always enjoyable Rick’s Rants.

AND! If you listen to Lococast you’ll notice they utilize really awesome CC-licensed metal for their intros/outros/transitions. If you want more of that, check out Craig’s Open Metal Cast. He just released the first episode. If you have some suggestions for Craig of great CC-licensed metal, send him a message at craig@openmetalcast.com (yes, Severed Fifth has already been highlighted :) ).

With all the talk of podcasts and Ubuntu we got a bit hungry and ordered some pizzas. There was only one problem; we needed to report a bug against Papa John’s! All of our pizzas and even the cheese bread weren’t sliced!
Unsliced Pizza
Does anyone know if there is a Launchpad project for Papa John’s?

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great jam, Greg. Hopefully, the Chicago Jam tomorrow will be just as (if not more) productive. Ask Gib if he has any more $10 cameras that he would be willing to send my way. I am currently without a working camera (as well as no web camera).

  2. Woo! Pizza time!

  3. I added a note: “This appeared on a HP laptop with a 17 inch screen. The make and model: HP Pavilian dv9815nr with a nvidia graphics.” to Bug #534738 – truncated descriptions. I also added a to bug #625989 – non-existent wireless connection note: “This appeared on a HP laptop: make and model: HP Pavilian dv9815nr. Also the install stalled later when trying to copy file 2 of 6. One member of the bug jam suggested that it was trying to download a file which, of course, won’t work when not connected.”

    Here is a link to another one of those cheap cameras: http://cgi.ebay.com/Mini-12MP-4x-Digital-Zoom-5-1-Video-Camera-Camcorder-DV_W0QQitemZ330465846875QQcategoryZ31388QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp3907.m263QQ_trkparmsZalgo%3DSIC%26itu%3DUCI%252BIA%252BUA%252BFICS%252BUFI%252BDDSIC%26otn%3D8%26pmod%3D280529285188%26po%3DLWI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D6072855824634385781

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