Foursquare for new parents

I’ve recently started using Foursquare (me), ironically, because a friend who works for the EFF has a favorable opinion of it.

During my usage in the last month or so, I’ve come to realize that there should be a version of Foursquare that is for new parents. This is how I envision a timeline would look:

3:00pmBedroom – “Trying to take a nap”
3:03pmBack porch – “Rowan’s crying, getting him some sun.”
6:00pmKitchen – “Where are those left-overs?”
8:00pmBedroom – “Bedtime!”
10:00pmBreastfeeding rocker – “He’s up”
10:45pmBedroom – “Sleep!”
12:30amBreastfeeding rocker – “up again”
1:00amDiaper changing table – “Ewww”
1:15amBedroom – “yawn”
4:00amBreastfeeding rocker – “what time is it?”
4:30amBedroom – “no comment”

  • You’ve earned the Breastfeeder Badge!

6:00amBreastfeeding rocker – “always with the eating…”
6:30amBack porch – “Well, I guess he’s not going back to sleep… good morning!”
8:00amLiving Room – “We made it to the living room!”

  • Whoa! You’ve just earned the Explorer Badge!

I’d sign up for that service in a heart beat.

PS: Joining the Boston crowd, we now have an Iron Blogger SF, of which I am participating.

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