Grandpa’s tool chest

My grandpa (Grandpa Jenks, mom’s dad) was an amazing guy.

Actually, I could just say:

My grandpa was the guy you think of who lived through the depression and World War 2. He built a house with hand tools. Was a farmer. Was a carpenter. And raised 3 kids with an equally amazing wife.

He was an amazing carpenter.

I have several pieces of furniture he made over the years including a bookshelf that is the sturdiest one you’ve ever used and a sitting chest with casters that used to be underneath the upstairs phone where my grandmother would chat with her friends and family.

Each of his granddaughters have a cedar hope chest. One of those big chests that sit at the bottom of a full-sized bed that hold all the special things in your life. They smell amazing and I’m still a little jealous that grandpa never made me one.

Until today.

My grandpa passed away a number of years ago; I was still in undergrad. When he died all the extended family came to the house to grieve, remember, and (sadly) go through his possessions. Of course my other male cousin and I (the only two male cousins) went to the garage to go through his tools.

At the time I was beginning to get an itch for woodworking (an itch I haven’t fully scratched yet) and my cousin was (and is) a bang up mechanic; so it was pretty easy to divvy up the tools.

My grandpa, of course, had a wooden tool chest for his woodworking tools. I call it a tool chest because of its size and weight, but apparently my grandpa called it a toolbox and carried it to the work site every day. Grandpa sure was a buff son of a gun. That’s what I got; this amazing wooden tool chest filled with a good number of woodworking tools (even the pencil bag my mom sewed for him), still in a great condition (sharp as all heck and oiled). Since I was still in school I didn’t have a place to keep it; it has spent the last near decade in my parents’ basement.

Now it made the long trip out to California in my parents’ RV and I couldn’t be happier. Take a look why.

grandpa's tool chest

The chest

mom and grandpa's tool chest

My mom and the chest, for size comparison

grandpa's tool chest open


grandpa's tool chest open with planes

With planes

grandpa's no. 6 plane

The No. 6 plane

pencil bag

The amazing pencil bag my mom made for him that he used until the end

grandpa's chisel

A still amazingly sharp chisel

Not all of the tools are pictured; many were taken out of the tool chest for easy loading and unloading (again, he was a buff son of a gun).

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  1. So sweet. Wonderful treasure. I hope we can make something soon. Compost box? Workbench? Hot tub gazebo?

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