Daddy, why are you sad?

Oh Petey, it’s ok, grown ups sometimes disagree with what each other are doing. It doesn’t mean we don’t love you anymore, just, I don’t get along with Canonical.

Canonical and I had a long, wonderful relationship. They brought a lot of wonderfully smart and committed individuals in, paid them great, and let them build really awesome free software. We all loved Canonical back then. They were the best sugar daddy anyone could want.

I loved them so much I did a ton of boring work, even! I triaged over 1000 bugs! For free! Granted, I did most of it when I was in grad school with nothing better to do (I was procrastinating when writing papers). But, it was great because I loved the community that was around me and supporting me. Brian Murray was especially awesome. Along with persia and many others I can’t remember right now. Pete, the people who were active back in 2007 were so amazingly helpful, caring, and committed. We all worked together so well because we all saw each other as equals.

I believed in Canonical so much, and the community they were creating, to be an evangelist for them. I was a believer! I preached the good word. I swallowed it myself hook, line, and sinker.

But, in any relationship, Petey, the people must be equals if it is to last.

Canonical started making the relationship unequal, though. They have their reasons, and they make sense to them. But they are hurtful to me and I can’t be true to myself and live under them at the same time.

They started to treat non-Canonical developers as free labor and wouldn’t even let them use the software in the same way Canonical does. Then Canonical started keeping more secrets. Sure, we all have secrets, and Canonical has probably been lying to me for a while, but lately they have become much more overt about it, making me look like an abused partner in public, instead of just being one in private.

And that’s really the point, Petey, Canonical started out awesome like most partners do. But they were hiding their true selves. They had the best intentions, probably, like most partners do. They think they can be better, they think they can treat their partners with respect and love, and they do for a while. But it is hard for them. Their true side starts to show itself in those heated moments when you wonder what is really going through their head. Then it gets to be too much and too often.

You just can’t take it anymore.

And that’s why I’m ending my relationship with Canonical.

Remember Petey, it’s not your fault, and I still love you. It’s something between Canonical and me.

Do you want a warm glass of milk and cookies?

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